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Insanely Awesome Website Design Templates Which You Should Know

There is a notion prevailing that website templates for website layout are something which makes a large number of website designers cry out. But this is not true, on the contrary, website templates have helped a lot of website designers due to their amazing features which have provided some amazing web design inspirations. is one of the most reputed website designing and developing firms in the whole of Australia. Here are some amazing web templates which can prove to be a good option for website designers.

Summer (Ghost)

Summer is a type of Ghost template and theme which is a clean and simple template with plenty of offerings which help your content to stand out. It provides options such as full-screen covers and author pages, Foundation 5 , Disqus integration and parallax blog background.

Type & Grids(HTML5/Statamic)

Type & Grids template helps people get free from the complex CMS. This template is very fast, caters a wide range of variations and has some very smart typography. It is entirely free and offers some tier for professional use and add-on’s  which work well with Statamic.

Ness( WordPress)

Today a large number of themes majorly focus on stark minimalism and type, But Ness is a theme which is majorly interested in imagery, especially for those who want to quickly get a photo blog or magazine up and running. The template is Retina-ready and mobile friendly which on use provides the feel of an high-end photo journal app.

So a notion which prevails about web templates that they are some sort of evil incarnate which are out to wreck the industry with their ‘readymadeness’ and general awfulness is not completely true. There are some themes and templates which today are a lot more helpful to the website designers and help them in carrying out their work without any hassle.


What Are The Differences Between A Private Jet And Commercial Flights?

Most of the people think that the cost is the main difference. But Private jet charter costs not necessarily fit into the equation as more than a marginal note – when compared to many of it’s conveniencies you’ll discover when flying in private jets. For instance, A private jet dubai, flight from Icarusjet caters an extravaganza to it’s clients offering a delightful journey for the family as well as business executives.

So, Let’s discuss on some of the prominent differences prevailing in the aviation industry:

 The Space Contestation

While flying on commercial air flights, first class seating provides wide seats and spacious cabins as compared to light jets, business jets, turboprops etc. However, Super business jets and heavy jets typically offer more spacious interior seating optios as well as spacey cabins.

 The Privacy

While flying in the commercial first class flights, you may be sharing the space with the un-known people. And, on the private jets, all the passengers on board are your invitees such as business partners, coworkers, or friends and family. This gives you utmost privacy to held business meetings without worrying about the prying eyes and ears all around. Or, you can enjoy the value time with your family and friends while on board a private jet.

The Flexibility

Not a single airline will change it’s schedule to accommodate your last minute flight plan changes. Whereas, it is absolutely convenient with the private jets to accommdate the sudden flight path changes on short notices. Private jets offer more flexibility; they can even manage some course changes in the mid route.

The Location

There are only so many major airports that make room for the scheduled commercial flights traffic. Most of thses are located in the major metropolitan areas and not in smaller towns and cities throughout the country. On the contrary, there are more that 4000 general aviation airports that are able to accommodate private aviation flights making the locations of these airports very mush convenient for your travel needs.

The Time

Once lost, cannot be recovered. Yes, not even the first class traveling with the commercial flights can be compared with the timing saved by the private jet travel. Discarding the need to arrive at the airport three to four hours prior to flight in order to go through the security checks, eliminate the hours of layovers between the connecting flights, saving travel time to airports located far away from your destination and most importantly, the time you waste during the flight when you cannot conduct any business or relax peacefully. Yes, all this is possible with the Private jet charters.

These are only some of the mainly notable differences; Do you want to experience private flying yourself? Hire/Schedule your private jet charter flight now with Icarusjet Dubai and enjoy!


women fashion

Top 3 Tips To Go For A Perfect Style – Women Fashion Clothing

No wonder, women are always fashion conscious. They spend most of the time in purchasing trendy clothes and dresses. From simply a jean to gowns, casuals to swimsuits, formal dresses to night wear and much more, there’s a myriad of collection for women available in the market.

Shopping from the local stores would be very time consuming task, unless you have enough time on hand. While shopping online, you get a wide variety of latest trend’s clothes to make yourself a fashionable woman.

Fashion is always ever changing and stocking the latest trend clothes is very essential for the store owners. There are several online stores that offer the latest skirts, dresses, jeans, tops and more. If you wish to stretch your budget you can go for exclusive and designer wears. This gives you a unique look and persona. Explore the wide range of fashionable women clothing at Besides, let’s discuss some of the best tips to choose a perfect style clothing for you:

Figure Up

The most important aspect while wearing a trendy dress is that it reveals your figure but in a decent way. You can emphasize your shape of the body by choosing to wear backless tops, short skirts, sleeveless t-shirts, v-neck tops and so on. You may also look flattering by wearing straight or boot-cut jeans. So, all you need to do is estimate your budget and enter the world of fashion.

Summer Style

You can opt for wearing light colored printed or plain shirts and Capries, pants etc. Try something different and unique, rather than wearing plain tees that are boring to beat the hot summer. You can also go for wild and exotic colors that are comfortable too. This would be the best option for an outdoor like a beach.

Go Unique and Elegant

Always try to go for an elegant style which keeps you go on confidently without any hesitation. This is the right path that reflects your fashion statement. You can also opt to wear baggy tops, balloon tops with long skirts to look sexy. They even complement with the tall height women.

Buying women clothes online is the best way to buy cheap and fashionable clothes within your budget. You get a variety of clothes at a single place, that too at huge discounts. Moreover, you get latest and trendy clothes in several designs and sizes. Hope these tips will be enough for you to go for a perfect style.


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5 Tips to Simplify your web design

Designing a professional website can be a challenging task. You want your website to look good and presentable to lure your customers. It shouldn’t be too flashy, too simple, more or fewer buttons or links, too descriptive or short, minimum images, etc. No need to panic, for there are 5 quick tips to simplify your web designing work.




  1. Keep it simple and chaos free

You must have visited many websites which were overloaded with lots of images, Gifs, pop-ups, banners,buttons, Ads, links, etc. You don’t want your visitor to focus on them rather than the other important functions of your website. And the other thing is – keep your content short and to the point. Also, Website design in Brisbane helps you with different Website Design Solutions.


  1. Check out some websites before you start designing

Yes, do visit different websites before you start working on your own. This will give you a clear idea of what you want and what you don’t want in your website. You can definitely learn from other’s mistakes. You can note down all the aspects of what you want in your website.


  1. Comprehensible Fonts

This is the most important part of any website. It’s TEXT. You should always stick to professional fonts rather than cursive or comic sans fonts. Nobody is going to be interested in browsing this type of websites. Also, keep in mind the color combinations of the same. Do not use different font types on different pages. Stick to maximum two- three font types throughout your website.


  1. Make sensible use of the hierarchy

It is an obvious thing that a person will check out any website from top to bottom. So it is important to put the right thing in the right place. For example “You wouldn’t want a Sign Up button in the footer of your website”.


  1. Mobile Compatible

Mobile is the most usable device by the people nowadays. Make sure your website is responsive on a mobile device too. You wouldn’t want to lose your visitor just because of this.

I hope these five tips will help you in creating your own awesome website. And to get the more knowledge about various different things you should always visit

Finance plan

Financial Planning- A Key For People In their 30’s

30’s is a vital age period as the roles and responsibilities change very drastically. As you will have a lot of people depending on you in the matter of both prosperity and security. All these points out to a clear call for getting a solid financial planning strategy and road map that will help you win over the situation.

Here are some vital steps which can help you to plan out your finance while you are in your 30’s.

  • Planning your finance is as important as finding an ideal life partner. During our married life it’s very important that you plan your expenses so that you can very well take care of your family. It’s likely that in the 30’s you would also be expecting a child and as we all know that having a child arises various other expenses also. So its better you start planning for your child and carry out a financial planning in advance.

Planning your finance


  • In your 30’s it’s likely that you may come across to a lot of unlikely events such as accidents, health issues and various other issues which demand emergency finance. So it’s better that you be prepared in advance and plan your finance which can help you make your family financially secured.

  • As a person, you must be having a lot of dreams and goals and to make it a reality will require a lot of funds. But you achieve all your goals if you start taking control of your finances and channelize them accordingly. So customize your finance, according to your goals which can help you achieve all your goals.

  • Investing your money in a perfect sector and choosing the right assets are a core part of a financial plan So plan out your investment and make sure that the assets in which you invest will provide you an effective ROI. Take advice from an appropriate financial advisor in order to evaluate your risk tolerance and get an appropriate asset for your investment.


How A Financial Planner Can Sky Rocket Your Investment

People think that money is just a short term thing and it never remains with us forever. But with perfect planning and investing your assets in the right places can help you earn money even after you retire. A financial planner today plays a vital role in helping a person in selecting perfect investments which can help you construct your life today and tomorrow.


A financial planner helps you set financial and personal goals which can help you grow your wealth. So sometimes a question may arise in the mind that what kind of magic does a financial planner does with our funds to turnout them into a great investment?


Here is the secret recipe of financial planner which lets him do the magic with your funds.


The Questionnaire


First of all a financial planner prepares an investment plan based on certain questions through which they figure out that what kind of investment you are interested in. The questions of a financial planners mainly caters to know your risk tolerance and risk capacity. After understanding that the financial planner indicates your investment asset allocation.


Once the financial planner understands your financial position and future goals, then the advisor synthesizes all that information into a plan to meet your life and financial goals.


Planing Your Finance




After the questionnaire is completed the advisor then creates an actual financial plan for your investment. The plan is created on the basis of your current financial situation which includes net worth, assets, liabilities, and working capital.


Based on this the planner will create a plan that will help you generate future income even after retirement.


Action Steps


After going through the planning process and creating a fool proof plan now it comes to put the plan into action. The planner now will set up an asset allocation which helps you cater both risk tolerance and risk capacity. According to that your total financial portfolio is distributed in various asset classes. This may help you a lot to generate future incomes and achieve your financial goals.


Fund Monitoring


Once your assets are being allotted your financial planner will monitor closely your funds and keep you updated with your financial goals. This will help you create a great impact on your financial picture.


So prepare your financial plan today with the help of a financial planner and generate pathways for future income so that you can achieve your life goals.