Questions about your wedding

A wedding is a special occasion for all people. Though it is special, it is a day full of stress. Before planning your wedding, there are many questions to be asked and which must be answered correctly.   Here are some

wedding planning questions.

The first question to ask is how many bridesmaids I should include in the wedding. In a typical wedding, one bridesmaid attends to at about 35 people. To a person who has many sisters, cousins and friends, they must make sure to include them. Discuss what everyone will do, and why they have been chosen for your wedding day. (For more bridal information: Click here).

Plan a stress-free wedding
Plan a stress-free wedding

The second question to ask is: how will I choose the clothing for the maids. To avoid stress during the planning period makes sure that you are using guidelines used when buying the wedding dress. The aspects to consider include the season when the wedding is to happen. You do not want them to be uncomfortable. The dress formality should be compatible with others.

When it comes to photography, the biggest question to ask the photographer is their photography styles. The style includes photojournalists, traditional, and creative. Choose something you are familiar with. Consider ideal moments like emotions during the wedding and natural moments.

Before hiring a banquet hall, ask about size and facilities available. Ask the managers about number of people it can hold at a time. Ask about the dare availability. You will be surprised that

Wedding planning questions?
Wedding planning questions?

during your wedding date, another person has already booked. Finally, do not fail to ask management about restrictions and rules. Some places have set strict rules that attract fines when a person breaks them. Know every detail on rules set and strictly follow them.

During your wedding, one thing you have to consider is entertainment. Many people hire a DJ to spin music. However, there are many questions you have to ask a wedding DJ. Ask them what genre of music they play. This can be club music which is not popular with grandparents. In addition, ask them about their experiences as DJs. Choose the DJ who started playing music when they were young as this means they have a taste to different music. (Great wedding photos and ideas here:

Finally, ask yourself about the total budget to spend on your wedding. For a classic wedding, be prepared to spend more since you want it big. For a private wedding, this requires a small budget which you can afford without asking people to chip in.


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How do you get great engagement photos?

Need good

engagement photography ideas?

You’ve come to the right place.   More and more often, marrying couple are choosing to freeze this very special time in their lives by having an engagement photography session.  And, instead of being nervous on the big day with all eyes on them and having tons of photos taken, the engagement session is an ideal time to have fun, be goofy, laugh and to get those nerves out of the way (for the most part, anyway).  Why have an engagement photography session? These photos uniquely express you as a couple. It also marks the last time the couple will exist in an un-married state.  I want to help you discover unique options that will create the best engagement photos for you.

Wedding Cake
Wedding Cake

Arranging a professional photography engagement session can cause some couples to get nervous. After all, it may be a professional photography “first” for many couples. (Visit

Ride it out!

A photography session is enhanced when you incorporate special items or do special things that you like to do as a couple. Where is your favorite place to hike or bike ride?  You can even blow bubbles or play a game of frisbee in one of the parks in your town, or at your favorite park. You can even use your own backyard if you feel it is aesthetically pleasing .

Think about a favorite flower of yours.  You can include them in the photos.


Have a picnic. Bring along your favorite food and drink.  Do you have a favorite blanket you’d like to include?

Italian wedding
Italian wedding


Make it a date

Everyone remembers the first date.  How about re-creating the moment?  Is there a special place in the neighborhood (or even the world) that you’d like to be photographed? Clearly, including such meaningful places in your photos as depth and significance to the session and the photos.

These are a few of my Favorite Things

Identify favorite things you like to do or places you like to go. There are so many possibilities. They are endless. (Please visit Pinterest at

Sports Fans?

Of course, you can sport your favorite team jerseys in the session. That would be spirited and fun! Y


City views and landscapes are good backdrops for engagement photography. Look online to find historic or significant points of interest. Museums or beautiful libraries are good choices, as well.

Puppies and Kitties!

Pets are a beloved part of the family, so why not include them in your photos?

Get Prepared

Engagement photography helps you get to come to understand your chosen photographer’s style and personality more.  So one the big day, you are all familiar and comfortable.  After all, there is often some stressors on the big day and no need for the photography to be one of them!  Also you can get to know your make up artist on session day, as well.  This way, you can avoid possible make up mishaps. Remember to have fun, be creative and be yourselves!




Wedding planning needs

What should one of your top

wedding planning needs be?

A good  and professional wedding planner/coordinator should be one of your top priorities. A great financial investment for a new bride to hire a professional wedding coordinator. It can be tempting for a bride to undervalue the importance of the wedding coordinator because she may not know the numerous and vital jobs an organizer will do which will also help in decreasing planning anxieties and ensure the special day runs smoothly and with excellence. (Feel free to visit for your wedding advice on weddings).

Engagement photography ideas

Increasingly wedding coordinators wear more and more hats compared to years ago. Now, the coordinator will assist before and during the wedding and even serve as a wedding stylist. A wedding coordinator is someone who assists you in identifying and tracking all the large and small things that have to be done prior to the wedding. Coordinators that assist on the day of the wedding refer to that service as assisting you “through completion”; so you have their time and attention in the time before the wedding and on into the end of the wedding. Having their help on the wedding days assures that your wedding day will run effortlessly. (Please join us on Pinterest for more great wedding ideas: Pinterest link).

Avoid downfalls with the help of a coordinator

Understand that there are some individuals who you could hire that will be there in the month and days leading up to the wedding event and who will not be there to aid on the day of your wedding. In either case, they are called by the same name, so make sure that you express and know what your needs are and also understand exactly what services your potential coordinator will execute. So be clear on what you desire and require for your wedding preparation and wedding day.

Do your best to wait until you hire your coordinator to make major wedding decisions. By doing this, the coordinator may help you stay clear of any type of economic, venue or merchant downfalls. I suggest that you browse, beforehand, for a wedding planner after you have created a reasonable budget.

Below is my twenty-one day strategy that I suggest for you in your wedding planner search.
Days 1 to 10:

Visit wedding coordinator/planner sites that have been referred to you via friends, family or associates. You can also search local publications like magazines and newspapers.
Days 11 to 16:

When you’ve narrowed down your leading two wedding planners, call them and talk straight to them. Pay attention to how they interact with you, their vocal tone and attitude towards you.
Days 17 to 21:

Go on and sit face-to-face with the coordinator and let them know your strategy. Learn more about him or her and listen to their response to your ideas. It is vital that you and the planner have excellent chemistry. You must have the sensation that you like this person and can count on this person.
Here are my ideas to help you pick the coordinator that’s right for you:
Idea 1: Experience and training

Diamond engagement ring

It is vital that a wedding coordinator continually educate themselves to ensure that they keep their hands on the pulse of the most up-to-date styles in wedding event preparation. Our educations are supplement through attending workshops and seminars aside from formal training.

Idea 2:  Seller connections

Essentially, your coordinator should have connections to good and reputable sellers. This could conserve your time and anxiety because it saves you time on needing to study and locate vendors. It is a challenge finding a great vendor from the many, but locating one that you feel confident you can trust and who is dependable. For this important day, you should have the very best service you can locate.
Idea 3: Individuality and Character

Make sure to examine the character of your wedding event planner. An organizer must exhibit patience, selflessness, great personality and a high level of sensitivity and more. It takes these traits to effectively manage a wedding and all of its nuances and various personalities. This person who your hire, must meet deadlines and have patience under pressure during the often frantic wedding celebration planning process. Take note of the coordinator to ensure they are offering you exact and clear answers to your inquiries and that they offer you patience and a conscientious ear when you are examining your vision for the wedding celebration.

Having the right mindset from a wedding event planner is vital as you make your choice to employ them on for the job in advance.

Many thanks for joining me. If you have any sort of concerns send me a message to

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Planning your wedding? Here’s advice.

So you’re now a bride to be. The question’s been popped! And, now there’s a wedding to plan. I presume you’ll be in need of some good wedding planning suggestions. So let’s explore the very best method to set about aiming your wedding.

Exactly how efficiently your wedding is is dependent upon your approach to the planning process to begin with. I have actually noted a lot of brides delve into the process without having a good idea about precisely how to go about walking towards wedding day.

My objective is to help you stay clear of the many risks that might come your way. I’m sure you’re aware that there are a lot of decisions to make that can potentially cause a couple to feel overcome and overloaded by the sheer amount of details. This is why it is so crucial that you put in the time to analyze each thing you must do to make the event planning experience as devoid problems and issues along the way. If your wedding day vision is solid, the course will certainly be smoother.

Ceremony decor

Imagining your wedding day.

Ensure to chat with your companion concerning just how you each visualize the day before spending too much energy and time in to the preparing. Your companion should be equally thrilled concerning the huge day upon which you are embarking. Additionally, you want to make sure to have your partner included in the planning process. After all, this is a very big day for the two of you. That way, you will certainly being familiar with where your perspectives differ and how they agree.
Who shall you invite to the wedding?

Do you plan on welcoming just those loved ones which you feel near to? Or will you include co-workers in the invitation? Do you feel okay welcoming individuals who you really do not contact very frequently? You may want to prevent welcoming folks merely to fill seats. I suggest avoiding having those prsent who are there from obligation and not due to the fact that they absolutely wish to go to the wedding. Just what regarding your parents wishes to invite friends?

Exactly what design wedding event do you desire to have?

Are you imagining a more modern wedding event and have your sight set on a roof wedding event with an urban area skyline sight? Maybe you’re imagining a large church wedding celebration? Perhaps re-living the time and area of a first date where you all strolled the coastline till sunset is an attractive option. Just make sure that your wedding celebration is a real reflection of you and your partner’s personal preferences.  Figure out when it is that you intend to be married? Would you like to wed during a particular season or time of year? Exactly what about a day that has significance for the relationship?

Hotel Santa Caterina
Hotel Santa Caterina

Where will the post-ceremony happen?

Location is important when it concerns your wedding event. You could have it at a home town location or a location wedding celebration. Whether the wedding celebration is far or near, make your choice based on that which will create the least tension. Destination wedding celebrations can be enticing however remember they can be challenging to manage specifically if you like to be right in the middle of the planning action.

Exactly how will you inform your unique story?

Think of how you would like for your invitees to remember and experience the day. Envision yourself as a guest and consider exactly how you would like them to have their experience the wedding event thinking about meals, colors and various other experiential points your visitors will delight in. It’s a great opportunity to have guests learn more about you as a married couple.


Determine early on in the wedding preparation process your vision for the day. This will provide you with a good, solid perspective while planning. So, you will be prevented from getting distracted by individuals with excellent intentions but who could cause you to veer from your plan, be sure to make the plan! Just be certain to remain real to yourself and your wedding day vision which includes your partner’s vision if they have a desire. Do your wedding day your way!

Send me any sort of concerns or questions. See you next time!

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